12 November 2012


“I guess this is the first time in a video that I ever showed my arms since my arms have been scarred, ’cause my arms are-are pretty badly scarred. I guess people are always wondering so I might as well say that, um, that the way that my arms got the way that they look, um, is was from abcesses, which came from shooting huge amounts of drugs. The results could have been a lot worse, so I’m happy to have the scars from a period of my life where I was living destructively, just as a… as a sign of what I’ve been through. And, uh, these days, I-I’m, you know, being healthy and taking care of my body is so important to me. But looking at it here, is seems like my arms have gotten better since then, so… That’s nice to see.”

- John Frusciante, during the shooting of Californication

(via liquidswords)

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