06 November 2012


Aşağıda, Noel Gallagher'ın Q Magazine'in Kasım ayı sayısındaki röportajından bazı bölümler var. Her haliyle güzel adam, dursun burada.

“Even the stadium band I like – U2 are never going to make a space-reggae album. Foo Fighters are never going to go jazz. Green Day are never going to be good. They've been shit forever, it's just the way it is. (Editör notu: Ayıp.) Once you've had that level of success, you wanna keep it somehow. Muse will always sound like Muse, from now on – the same goes for Kasabian.”

“I get asked on a daily basis about a reunion (Oasis), and I say to people, “To achieve what?” I can understand The Stone Roses [re-forming], because they're bigger now than they ever were. We couldn't be bigger than we were, because we were the biggest thing that ever fucking was. What do we do – three nights at Wembley? Three nights at Heaton Park? Knebworth? We already did it all. Do it all again? What's the point?”

“It frustrates me when I read in a magazine yesterday: “Rumoured headliners for next year's Glastonbury – Oasis!” I'm like, “Is somebody gonna fucking tell me?” The last time I spoke to Gem, we were talking about Manfred Mann. The last time I spoke to Chris Sharrock, it was about Alan Partridge. Nobody's mentioning it. They've got things to do, Beady Eye. They've got a lot of graft to do, since their singer proclaimed them to be greatest band in the fucking world. I've got no desire to get into a reunion. Not even for starving children. Quote me on that.”

“When I started on the album I told Sara, “This'll be two years, you know.” She was like, “Whatever, off you go, you're getting on me nerves anyway.” So on the first day, we're doing the first track, Dream On, I'm putting down the bass, and my phone starts ringing. It's Sara - it was flashing on the thing – and I was like, “Fucking hell, it's the first day in the studio, what does she fucking what, mithering...? I've just been sat on home for a fucking year!” Then the studio phone went: “Oh, it's your missus.” I was like, “Yes?” She goes, “I'm pregnant!” What?! So I was like, “Right, I'd better crack on...”

“I was at school today. It's my lad's first day at primary school. He's got his uniform, and it was like, “Awww, that's it now, he's going to have his mates. He'll come home and say he wants to support Tottenham, and I'll have to throttle him and throw him in the canal.”

“I have the utmost respect for Damon (Albarn) as an artist. We literally bumped into one another. We went to the bar, got a beer, and it was like, “The '90s – wasn't it fucking brilliant?” We were bemoaning the state of music now, saying it must've been great back then, being 16. That shit doesn't happen any more.”

“(Soru: Shouldn't that have been you doing Wonderwall at the Olympic Opening Ceremony?)
No, [smirking] I'm afraid I didn't make Team GB in the end. The whole thing was choreographed, and they asked me to do Wonderwall acoustically. I mulled it over, and then they said, “You can't do it live.” Why not? “Well, it's a big gig?” Oh, I see, big gigs are beyond you now, are they? That's not very Olympian. Are you telling me you can't pull this shit off, because I can. I do this for a living. Finally said, “You know what, I'd rather watch it on the telly.” But they'd got so far down the line with choreographing Wonderwall in that I was like, “Fine, get someone else do it, just not the fucking Kaiser Chiefs...” So they went to Liam's lot, and I was absolutely fine with it. [Tersely] Not arsed.”

“Pop as we knew it, is dead as a fucking dodo. The Beatles, The Who and The Kinks – that's gone now and will never be repeated.”

“I met those guys from Mumford & Sons, and they're probably a little bit miffed why people don't like them. I was like, “If they don't like you because you're posh, that's like Michael Portillo hating us because we went to state school.” But the banjo is wrong, and pretending to dress like a scruffy bumpking is wrong. If you're loaded, dress like you're loaded.”

***Röportajın girişinde, Noel Gallagher'ı en iyi tanımlayan satırın, üstünden 18 yıl geçmesine rağmen Half The World Away'den “My body's still young, but my mind is very old” olduğunu yazmışlar. Baya' doğru tercih...

***Dergiyi getiren Yenal Bilgici'ye de ayrıca teşekkürler :)

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