25 October 2012

funky monks

hayatımda geçirdiğim en güzel 'bir saat'lerden biriydi, en başa onu yazayım. belgesel demişler ama bu bildiğin anı işte. hoş, belgeseller de bi' yerde anı tabii ama dümdüz belgesel demek hoşuma gitmedi, neyse. 'blood sugar sex magik' albümünün kayıtları sırasında filme alınmış görüntüler hepsi; içinde john var, flea var, anthony var, chad var, bir albüm nasıl kaydedilir, bir grup nasıl olunur var, dümdüz erkek muhabbeti var, los angeles var, altta da parça parça bazı bölümler var... neyini anlatıyorsam, oturun izleyin işte...

john ve dördüncü boyut..
“it's, it's like I'm in the fourth dimension and somebody is asking me to describe it verbally and that's what the fourth dimension is all about, is no words, no symbols, no images, all pure, real energy and vibrations. and, and if I thought about how cruel of a world this is, I would probably just commit suicide after a while, if that was what I spent my energy thinking about. I would definitely not have any strength left to create music."

john, sir psycho sexy'nin back vokalini çalışıyor..

john ve ereksiyon-müzik bağlantısı..
"my main thought that I was concentrating on in my head was that there is this really beautiful girl there, in the studio, and I was thinking if anthony doesn’t fuck tonight then I’m not doing my job as a guitar player ‘cause that’s the sexiest song, you know, that I’ve ever heard in my life. and a lot of the times, you know, I’ll get an erection when I’m working on something or writing on my guitar, and I’ll just go masturbate. or, sometimes, I’ll try to hold back because I’ll see the orgasm as something that will be detrimental to my strength creatively. so sometimes I will, you know, I’ll see that erection as being my enemy."

yine john; burroughs'tan el alıp insanın en büyük düşmanını anlatıyor..
"william burroughs always talks about the world is nothing but allies and enemies. and it`s important to understand what things around you are the enemies and a lot of the time your worst enemy is your ego."

soul to squeeze'in kayıtları..

anthony, john'a elindeki porno dergiyi gösteriyor..
“what the fuck? 6 inches? what the fuck? what is this?!”

flea, kızı clara balzary'yle..

magic johnson

give it away kayıtları + fotoğraf çekimi

john + solo

john, anyhony'ye fisting tecrübelerini anlatıyor..
"this is the most amazing part, we're just standing up here like "oh!", and she takes her fist out and the girl's pussy is just a black hole."

anthony'ye göre seks-ses ilişkisi..
“the correlation between sound and sex is undeniable if you let it be.”

"what was that? what was that? somebody yelling in car, yelling in car, girls in car!"

flea & john (sir psycho sexy)

anthony'yle akupunktur seansı..

john, under the bridge'e girer, devamında anthony şarkının çıkış hikayesini anlatır..
“I was what you might call a hard-core junkie for many years, and during that point my life was a very sad time… I’ve been clean for three years now, but during that time I reached some ultimately low depths of incomprehensible demoralization; this incredibly deep sense of loneliness, of emptiness that you’re trying to fill up with whatever it is you can find. in my case it was drugs.
“one day I was driving back from rehearsals, and I got one of those bursts of loneliness and I just felt like I was all by myself. so I started singing to myself on the hollywood freeway, and the entire song came through my head. when I got home I wrote it down.
“and what I was referring to in the song was a point in my life about five years ago. all I had was this connection named mario, who was mexican mafia, ex-convict. and one particular afternoon, it was very hot in the middle of the summer, and I’d been up for days, and he and I found what we’d been looking for. we went to this bridge that was downtown in the middle of los angeles in this ghetto; this freeway bridge, and a little passageway you had to go through to get under the bridge, and only certain members of this mexican gang were allowed to go in there. and we lied just so we could get in there and do what we wanted to do.
“and that’s always stuck in my brain as a low point in my life. when I talk in the song about being taken to the place I love, that’s here. that’s where I am now, the most sacred place, making sounds with my best friends.”

chad'in piyanosu eşliğinde veda zamanı, duvardan indirilen abbey road posteri, bagajdaki tazmanya canavarı ve diğer birkaç şey daha..

john'un veda konuşması..
“it’s like, fucking somebody may be the most beautiful experience in the world but, I personally wouldn’t wanna fuck even the most beautiful girl in the world for like, you can only fuck her for so long, like, what may be a beautiful sexual experience in an hour, you may not want it to go on for 7 hours or it may not like, be as beautiful, like, now is gonna be the time to go on tour, so that’s just another thing.. ”

ve son..
"take this fucking picture!"

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