24 December 2010

hatırlamakta fayda var.. ya da yok, bilemedim..


banco de gaia - glove puppet

come and stop now
all the ugliness
come repent now
all our words
I think it's time we had a go
at finding out
what's wrong

is there something
you don't like
in the way I seem to you
please tell me
maybe i'll change it
or explain it
for you

what would make you
feel better?
is there
I can do?
do we
have to carry on
like there is
no choice?

do you like
how you're feeling?
does it take
the ache away?
shall we
just forget it?
I never said it

what I looked like
that I tried
but you burned me
left me empty
wouldn't listen
I died

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