02 September 2009

Twyncyn Willows

Leave from the warm high/into the dark night over the tall skies/round the twyncyn
The dogs hide/wading through warm shine/clear as the fountains/round the twyncyn
Eve of the storm/hide! Into the stark light & over their mauled eyes/round the twyncyn
The prayers guide fading reformed minds/sear through the mountains/round the twyncyn...

Rats are running rife beneath the evil skies
Set the stars alight! Beneath them ease their minds

Fall of the angels/into the dark third braving his warm smile/round the twyncyn
Landing on dead pores/shuddering minds fly/now you're facing the calm child/round the twyncyn
A fever that swarms high/jaded but calm/shine! Braving the scorned & vile/round the twyncyn
Banding the dead paws/shadow their hearts/spy! Bracing the palm/now climb! Round the twyncyn...

With ears to the walls/their wings in my eyes
We've seen real life; it brings in the wild!
Define? I was told/your not going back?
Been searching the sky now surrender your life!
Dear mother I'm tired from scratching my eyes
I'll leave it behind & sleep with the rhymes
It raptured the soul & all that is now/was done & to come/how everything thunders my son...

Ave Verum trembling lovers
Did the daze lead you?
Did she breath through waking?
Clear the morning stars

Pure Reason Revolution - Twyncyn/Trembling Willows

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