30 March 2009

Dance of Bad Angels

what a journey

so hard to describe
your harbour so small
the ocean so wide
spin the wheel, spin the wheel
go wherever she spins
surrender to this wave that's rolling in
homing fingers
starting to dig

raising expectations
lifting the lid
there's a show going down
going deeper within
I long to lose myself
inside your skin

what a feeling under the stars
my body's rotating from venus through mars
there's a war going on
between my head and my heart
I wonder how they grew
so far apart

I'm so shaken, about to explode
the myth of kissing princess
is they turn into toads
there's a war going on
between the sun and the moon
before they come to terms we'll be consumed

oh my god, please take me now
I'm ready for ascension
if I only knew how
give me wings give me wings
now I'm stuck on the ground
recieve this blood and bones
I'm homeward bound

see the statue growing wings
this singer was a virgin
until he conceived
god is love, god is love
and her lover I'll be
I long to leave the world in ecstacy

dance with me around this fire
the dance of bad angels who'd love to fly higher
god is love, god is love
and her lover I'll be
long to lead the world in ecstacy

Tim Booth & Angelo Badalamenti - Dance of Bad Angels


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